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Food Fun with a Snowman

Does it get any cuter? One of our favorite kiddies making an applesauce snowman!


What do you get when you have whipped cream (or apple sauce), raisins, Cheerios, pretzels, carrot strips & bananas? Fun making a food snowman, of course! This is so easy to do at home. Here are some things to keep in mind….

It’s suppose to be messy!

Give your child the time to explore each food item on its own before adding to the snowman. Start with whipped cream on the plate…play with that for a while…then add each ingredient one at a time until your snowman is complete.

There is no right or wrong way…if your child says the Cheerios are eyes…Great!  If the  raisins are buttons…Awesome! Stay positive during your food play!

Don’t force your child into eating any of the food if he/she doesn’t want to. It can take many many many times of presenting a food before a child will actually taste the food. If your child is loving playing and interacting with the food then it’s a success.

Model actions you would like your child to do. Let the Cheerios “swim” in the applesauce, stick a raisin on a pretzel for a “hand” and then eat it, make a “banana sandwich with 2 slices of banana and a cheerio in the middle. If your child sees you having fun and exploring with the food then he or she will likely do the same.

Be silly!

Never give up presenting the food at meals. Do not fall into the “he hates broccoli” trap or “she would never eat that yogurt.” If you continue to present the foods ( even by simply putting it on their plate whether they eat it or not), your chances are 100% greater that one day the child is going to try that food….and like it! If you don’t keep presenting it, how will your child ever try it? They will have the message that after refusing once it goes away. Patience & Persistence (without forcing) is key!

Always remember the small victories because that is what’s important in Feeding Therapy. A child who wouldn’t even tolerate applesauce on his plate may finger paint with it the next session and may actually lick it off his finger weeks later. It’s those small victories that lead to a more well rounded eater……and who doesn’t want that?!

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